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Omni Vision Magazine #10 Oct. - Dec. 2021 - Health of Spirit, Mind, Body, Community and Environment

Remember when school kids sold magazines as fundraisers? I would never do very well with those, It was usually only my close family members who purchased my wares (unless it was chocolate). I suppose that's because I hated selling, which is weird because my late father had been a master salesman. No, I didn't enjoy selling, but I loved receiving my new magazine subscription in the mail every month or so.

I would anticipate its arrival. I would soak up its contents, page by page, and then set it aside to return to, at a later date, because all the great information and inspiration would surely be needed for future reference. And it was. I would be happy to pay for it because of the value it added to my life.

If we were back in the 80's, Omni Vision Quarterly would be one of those magazines, except that OV wouldn't pile up on your living room shelf; it wouldn't overstuff your mailbox, and you wouldn't have to pay for it.


Because I still don't like selling. I feel much happier when I simply give things away.


Leah Kirrane - Editor

OV 10
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