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Decisions, Decisions

March 2019, Issue 23

Choosing a path from a fork-in-the road is heart wrenching business. That’s what’s been up with Omni this past month.

Looking Back

The greatest grace received this past month was the gift of resolve (no, it didn’t come in January). We’ve been in limbo awhile, waiting at the fork-in-the-road for a sign to show us the way, but the signs kept re-directing us back to ourselves. Which way do YOU want to go? They asked.

We weighed the pros and cons over and over. Our minds vacillated to and fro from day to day, for months, and we wondered if the pendulum would ever stop swinging. Well, it has stopped, and our hearts have finally rested on Northwestern United States.

When it came down to it, the most motivating factor for remaining in South Africa was cost of living, whereas fulfilling our role as grandparents, and being nearer to family is what pulls us to the US. Hmm, let’s see….Love or money? Love or money? It should have been a no-brainer, but money is a powerful force.

Our resolution to choose this course has at once brought relief and increased activity. Now that our future vision is more focused, we see the greater details of what must be done to spur our journey onward. It’s going to take a while to get there, at least a year, maybe two? What will we do in the meantime?

Well, first we move to a new camp along the way. But before we tell you about that, we must offer our greatest gratitude for the humble home that served us as our first place together, in South Africa.

Here’s a view from our old bedroom window

Good bye El Shaddai. I don’t mean God, but the quaint little lodge with the two-bedroom loft, overlooking the rooftops and mountainside of Graskop. Other than being on the main road, where the deafening lumber lorries pass through from one timber forest to another, it was a safe, comfortable, and peaceful place to be.

But our birdies got too big and needed more room, so we flew southwest to the other side of town and arrived here:

Looking forward

We look forward to settling in to this quiet garden paradise, adding a bit of our own flair, and practicing community with our landlord who lives in the cottage next door with her dog. She’s big into gardening and permaculture, and is willing to allow us to participate, so we’ll be be learning hands-on now, instead of just in theory. This setting is idyllic and ideal for all we need to do while we plan our return to the US.

Other things going on in the near future:

What were we thinking? It’s like looking back at a photo from the 80’s. YIKES! It’s time for a major web makeover. So, we’ll be hiding all our pages except for the newsletter and gift shop, and will re-present our online selves when we have simplified and beautified.