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Two Years in South Africa

November 2018, Issue 19

Hello again, and welcome to our ongoing family story. That’s what this newsletter is. It’s the month-to-month highlights of our family life, and how we are moving toward fulfilling our dreams through the building of The Omni Foundation, and our family domain. One day, in the far future, our descendants will look back and see how their ancestors influenced their own lives, the Earth’s and others’. Right now, it’s primarily our family’s experiences that are highlighted, but we are certain that in the near future, other families and individuals will factor into the narrative.

Like every other month since the two years we’ve been together as a family, October 2018 had its share of highlights.

Looking Back

Happy 10th Birthday Eden!

Ice skating with her BFF, Mari, and her brother Dylan, watching Hotel Transylvania 3, and lunch at Spur, then cake and ice cream with more neighbors, Eden Eleanor Pauls had a very happy birth-week.

You are growing up with beauty, intelligence, wisdom, grace, an independent spirit and a kind and tender heart. Here’s to celebrating you!

Field trip to the oldest known caves on earth

Since we home-school the kids, we have freedom to go where we want, when we want. Most Tuesdays, while our maid, Nolsina, is cleaning our little loft apartment, we get out, either to a local scenic spot, to the city, or we take a field trip to explore the land around us and get a feel for areas where we might like to settle.

This time we visited the Sudwala Caves, the oldest known caves in the world are merely an hour’s drive away! In addition to the caves, the beautifully created “Butterfly Effect” is a habitat, built among the natural surroundings, to attract wildlife and encourage Earth friendly habits.

The feel and scenic beauty of this area is appealing, as are the efforts of the Sudwala Cave land-owners to nurture and care for Mother Earth.

Unfortunately, much of Mpumalanga’s mountain range is blanketed by timber crops. Though the green landscape of growing pines and eucalyptus can be lovely, the effects on the eco-system are not.

In our efforts to create a healthy, beautiful and sustainable space, that affects the Earth in a positive way, we believe the surrounding landscape should reflect and connect with our values.