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Bloom Time!

Issue 18

It’s Springtime again in South Africa! Time to emerge from under covers and come out into the light. From birth to blooms, the wombs of nature open, as new life meets the world, and the world greets new life. It is when Love’s labors come to fruition.

In keeping with the flow of the seasons, after patiently and eagerly waiting, we begin to see the buds that will produce the fruit of The Omni Foundation. Yes, Springtime is here, and we’re ready to bloom (more on that later).


Looking Back

Happy 70th Birthday Mama!

Woke up at 3:00 a.m.

on September 8th, to video call my family, in the States. My son and daughter-in-law, grandchildren, siblings and parents were all there. That’s a rare occurrence. Wish I had a picture of it. This picture was taken during our visit to the US in 2017.

When I left for Canada, in 2011, my mom was a different person from the one in this photo. In 2015, she suffered some kind of sudden mental shift. The doctors can’t label it. They’ve never seen it before. She receives medication to treat some symptoms. They help, but they don’t heal, and they have stolen her inner passion and life. I believe my mother’s illness is a Spiritual one, and I’m sure she believes the same. At her age, and the stage of mental illness, it is difficult to believe she will ever get better…

But it only takes a mustard seed…

If there’s one thing my mama gifted to me, it’s the belief in the power of Faith and Prayer. She also gifted me with Freedom to be me, and a love for natural-health, deep study, reading, silence, song and poetry. She truly shaped me. Happy birthday mom! We Love you!

Thank you dad, for taking such good care of mom. You are truly a beautiful being! We pray we will one day be in a place where we can care for you. We Love you!


September 22

Was the first annual Nourish uBuntu Festival at the Nourish Eco Village. We experienced the blessed opportunity to visit, share some of my songs, and talk to some of the

residents, volunteers and guests. It is located near Kruger National Park, 2 Km away from the tribal village from whom the land came. Growing in the typical South African bushveld, Nourish provides a free library and child care/preschool for the village children, and is setting up a permaculture lifestyle. This year’s focus was on Rhino preservation, a fascinating cause. Click the links to read more about Nourish and the Rhino Revolution.

Looking forward