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Goodbye July

Issue 16

Goodbye July, and thank you. We had a blast!

You brought much to be thankful for, like celebrations of birth and freedom; opportunities to share of ourselves and our message with friends and the extended community; blessings of creativity, and labors of Love completed. You brought a sting with you, as well, (in the way of a stolen bank card—on my birthday, no less. And the day before the Festival.), but with it came the salve of Faith and Patience, and we have since healed from it. You brought questions, yet unanswered, of where we are going and where we belong, and here again are Faith and Patience, led this time by Gratitude.

We are deeply grateful that we abide in this cozy, little town of Graskop, Mpumalanga, a place of slow pace, peace, mostly quiet and freedom to live as we please and are able—that is with a focus on education, creating inspirational material, growing in wisdom and knowledge, and working and moving toward our Omni vision. Yes, we’re longing for the land on which to create our Omni dream, but it’s going to be a task in getting there. For now, we are where we are, and it is good. Gratefulness of Being invites Patience and Peace until we get there.

Looking Back

Happy Birthday LEAH!

Thank you! I prefer to call it birth-month, because I like to prolong the fun. This year my birth-month was highlighted by

(1) The publishing of “On Point Polly.” I’ve received some great reviews! Click on the pic to download your free e-book.

(2) The next day I got to sing some of my songs at the Free Form Festival.

You can hear my song, “I Honor You,” here.

We had a lovely time and a very positive response.

The kids had a blast! and (3) Paul & Melinda Odendaal and family were here too (please forgive me for butchering their name, last issue).

The Odendaals believe in the Omni mission, and have expressed interest in the community vision. We will see how our lives unfold in the near future.

And (4) we opened our new online Gift Shop!

Click the pic to visit.