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Fits and Starts and Finish Lines

June 2018, Issue 14

WOW! May has been an intense month of creativity and productivity!

No time to waste, let’s get on to the highlights.

Looking Back

Happy !!th birthday Dylan!

With AJ as his guest, we celebrated Dylan by driving into Nelspruit and spending time at the trampoline park, watching Peter Rabbit (great laugh), and having lunch at Burger King. Simple, fun and special.

Congratulations Cameron!

On the publishing of his first book

Addiction 101:

101 Signposts to Recovery

This book is a work of heart and art, as Cameron shares the wisdom he has learned along the road of his own recovery from substance abuse and addiction, in a scenic and a poetic way. It’s also a check off Cameron’s Bucket List, writing a book!

Available for donation to Omni, or on Amazon Kindle. All proceeds go toward the furthering of The Omni Foundation Mission.

We’d also like to introduce the launch of Cameron’s personal webpage! While it’s currently dedicated to the subject of the book, we will be adding details regarding addiction counseling and the Second-phase recovery service we will be offering once The Omni Foundation has established a home-base.

Congratulations Leah and Omni Foundation Publications!

for finally creating a digital version of

The Tale of a Runaway Toenail

This children’s book, first printed in 2015, is The Omni Foundation’s first digital publishing product.


You can get it directly from us for a donation to The Omni Foundation, or buy it on Kindle.

First Visit to Kruger

We live less than an hour’s drive from Kruger National Park. We’ve been here about a year-and-a-half. This day-trip has been a long time coming!

We spent a lovely Tuesday afternoon with a pic-nic in the park (in the fenced areas, of course) and taking a long drive through the African savannah.We saw exotic birds, zebras, lots of buck, baboons, warthogs. We glimpsed two giraffes in the distance, and a herd of water buffalo, hidden behind the bush.

We experienced the thrill of an elephant, not ten meters from our car, start towards us as we slowy…backed…away. We didn’t get to see any wild cats, and the hippos wouldn’t come out of the water, so we’ll have to go next season, when the weather is cooler and the grass not so long.

As for the property pursuit:

We received a professional evaluation of the farm we want to purchase for the first Omni Foundation community (See issue 13 for details). It turns out there is a massive discrepancy between, what we call the heart value of the place, vs. the market value. Based on similar sales in the area, over the past 20 years, the market value is far below the asking price. So far below, that offering even double the market value would be an insult to the sellers. And to offer even half of what they’re asking would not be a wise financial move for outside investors.

We believe this property is ideal, and the love and sweat that the owners have given to it are half of what makes it so attractive. So we’re not giving up, just yet. We will be rewritng our proposal, and moving forward with a fair offer if and when we have committed investors on board.However, if the seller isn’t willing to lower his price, significantly, we will be looking elsewhere.

In short, on the business front, here’s what else happened in May:

  • The Land Use and Investment Agreements have been written up by our attorney.

  • And, how do you like our Soul Sanctuaries logo?

Looking forward

June will bring Cameron’s birthday, Father’s Day, editing of agreements, rewriting proposal, getting investors together to make a fair offer, sharing our books, and working on more publications :D

And then in July it’s…

Free Form Fest!

July 13-15, here in Graskop, Mpumalanga.

This year marks the 8th annual festival, put on by local art activist Courtney Gibson and Canimambo Restaurant. The event brings original artists from around South Africa, including myself (Leah), to Graskop for a weekend of live music and fun. Please check it out and book your tickets and accommodations now! Graskop fills up fast! This is a perfect opportunity to visit us, and experience one of South Africa’s most scenic areas. I'll be taking the stage on the 14th at 1:00 p.m.

Looking down

There’s a massive chasm between business value and heart value. They seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. Do you think the gap will ever be bridged? Can the economies of heart and mind be balanced? If you’d like to comment on this or anything else in this newsletter, sign up for this monthly newsletter and comment below.

Looking in

A page from Cameron’s book:

And that's what's up with Omni

Would you like to join our family? There are many ways that will be available to participate in this vision, whether living in community, volunteering, donating, investing, or purchasing our books. Think about it, pray about it, meditate on it. Listen to the leading of your heart.

Infinite Blessings to All!

Cameron and Leah Kirrane

The Omni Foundation, NPC

(Registration no. 2017/109176/08)

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