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The Adventures of Property Purchasing

Issue 13

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One year and one month into the Omni journey, and we find ourselves near the foot of a new and massive mountain: Property purchasing. We are eternally grateful for the input and guidance we have received, so far, as we’ve assessed the mountain, planned our route, and begun the climb, one slow and careful foot at a time.

Looking Back

Step one: Sent out investment proposal (subject to change) to see who’s interested in this co-creation adventure. We’ve had great feedback and several interested parties.

Step two: Registered a private company to handle real estate investments. Please welcome Soul Santuaries Pty. Ltd. (logo coming soon).

Our vision is to see humanity grow toward wholeness and self-sustainability, living in cooperation with Earth, one another, and God, within thriving and industrious eco-village communities.

Our mission is to purchase land for the purpose of building spiritually aware, self-sustaining, intentional communities—Soul Sanctuaries.

Step three: Attorney now drawing up investment and land use agreements.

Step four: Scheduled appointment for outside property evaluation (May 22).

Step five: Hosted our first guests!

The Odendaal girls in the art studio loft

A huge thank you and blessings to Paul Odendaal, his wife, Melinda, and their two daughters, with whom we spent the long weekend. Cameron met Paul while attending the Bio Veda eco-dome workshop in Johannesburg.

The Odendaals absolutely love the property! Paul says, “How can you not [love it]? It has everything! Your mind goes haywire with the possibilities and opportunities...This is surely one of the places we spoke about when we talked about an eco-community for us all to be involved in."

Lastly, we spent one Saturday afternoon at the uBuntu Festival in Nespruit (Mbombela), Mpumalanga. There was some good live music and vendors’ tables, and it was good to see friends Cameron knew from the dome-building workshop; unfortunately, we only got to hear one speaker, and visitor turn-out was low. In fact, the festival (specifically Michael Tellinger) lost quite a bit of money. If you would like to donate to that recovery, please click here.

Looking forward

We’re waiting on business frameworks, documents and contracts to be drawn up and put to work. We’re spending that time engaged in schooling our kids, more studies in spirit, community, and permaculture, and further developing of the Omni vision. Our focus on education is intensifying, as we have begun working on curricula for residents’ home-schooled children, second-phase recovery, and adult eco-village workshops and classes.

Other than that, we’re gearing up for

Free Form Festival!

July 13-15 Graskop, Mpumalanga.

This year marks the 8th annual art festival, put on by local musician and art activist, Court Gibson, and Canimambo Restaurant. The event brings original artists from around South Africa, including myself (Leah), to Graskop for a weekend of fun.

Please check it out and book your tickets and accommodations now! Graskop fills up fast! This is a perfect opportunity to visit us, see the property, and experience one of South Africa’s most scenic areas.

View from scenic Long Tom Pass from Sabie to Lydenberg (Mashishing)

Looking down

Here we are, our higher selves, above the clouds of our lofty dreams, looking down at our 3-D selves, near the bottom of the mountain, climbing slowly but steadily.

Looking in

Our journey upward is an inner pursuit

And that's what's up with Omni

Would you like to join our family? There are many ways that will be available to participate in this vision, whether living in community, volunteering, donating, or investing. Think about it, pray about it, meditate on it. Listen to the leading of your heart.

Infinite Blessings to All!

Cameron and Leah Kirrane

The Omni Foundation

(Registration no. 2017/109176/08)

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