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Co-Creation at it's Best!

Wow! We can’t believe February has come and gone already. It was the month we had been waiting for since last November, Cameron’s workshop trip! It was all he expected and more. February also brought some unexpected news, and expanded thoughts and dreams. Yes, our dreams are grand, but nothing that can’t be achieved through faith and community.

Looking back

First, a focus on Cameron’s two-week trip to Bio Veda’s Bio Dome Master class workshop, held at its headquarters in Johannesburg, SA. The venue was changed, for logistical reasons, from the uBuntu headquarters, in Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga to JHB. The longer drive was well worth its value in hands-on education, but even more valuable was the friendships made with others of like-mind and vision.

Participants from three continents—Africa, Europe and North America—converged, on about an acre of land in the city, at the home of Alosha Lynov.

Alosha is the teacher and founder of Bio Veda, a company that strives to “consciously and practically create an entire new reality on Earth. Their focus is on educating kids and adults, through live and online workshops, on how to build debt free eco homes, grow Organic Food Forest Bio Spheres as well as Urban Bio Intensive farms. They also teach Water Self Sufficiency for Urban and rural environments.”.

The focus of this particular workshop was building with SuperAdobe and Air Crete, two alternative building methods that are cost effective, highly durable, and allow for greater artistic expression. In the pictures, below, you will see the stages of the work accomplished in the two weeks.

Students of the course also had the opportunity to visit with Michael Tellinger at uBuntu headquarters, in Waterval Boven, MP, and walk through and learn about Adam’s Calendar and the Stone Circle Ruins of ancient South African civilizations. It was Tellinger’s newsletter and invitation that first introduced us to the eco-dome building concept. Cameron opted out of this trip to save it for a family adventure, seeing as we live about an hour’s drive from Waterval Boven.

Beautiful 5-star accommodations at the Braham Lodge, a 15-minute drive from Alosha’s home.

Luxurious camping in the middle of the city, who knew it could be so good? (Cameron’s is the blue tent).