Library and Media 

The readings and videos on this page are a collection of personal favorites that have come to us at various opportune times and have resonated deeply within our souls. Sometimes they have confirmed thoughts, dreams and inclinations; sometimes they have challenged our paradigms and prejudices; every time they have encouraged growth, expanded our awareness and led us on to new levels of understanding. As we find ourselves in this age of abundant information, we have no excuse not to dive into the depths of the oceans of knowledge now available to us. The only requirement is a desire to evolve, and an open and discerning mind.




Bible, The

Bringers of the Dawn PDF

Conversations With God Neale Donald Walsch

Course in Miracles, A

Destiny of Souls PDF

Ecovillage Design Education PDF

Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The PDF

New Earth, A

Journey of Souls PDF

Kybalion, The PDF

Living from the Heart

Law of One, The - PDF Books One through Five 

Nag Hamdi Library Website

Peace Pilgrim PDF 

Power of Now, The

Return to Love, A

Seth Speaks PDF

Tao of Pooh, The

Te of Piglet, The

Secret History of the World, The PDF

Spiritual Alchemy

We the Arcturians

Tao Te Ching, The PDF