Holistic Living, Learning and Healing

Our FOUNDATION is a common spiritual understanding:

I Am because we are: WE ARE ONE –


It is from this foundation that the entire enterprise stands. We cannot become a solid unit if we see ourselves as separate from the whole. Such is the plight of humanity. Few understand their part in the whole, and so they don’t operate according to their purpose. Our purpose is to be a model of how to operate as one, and to help and inspire others to do the same.

Our Vision

The Omni Foundation is a non-profit company set up to create and support the building of Soul Sanctuaries—holistic, self-sustaining and regenerative living, learning and healing centers, where the pillars of Awareness, Transparency, Responsibility and Cooperation uphold a framework encircling health of Spirit, Mind, Body, Family and Environment; and foster Community, Productivity, Education, Creativity, and Leisure.

Our Mission


To bring healing and wholeness to our world by living, sharing and teaching Spiritual, Sociological, Ecological and Economic principles of peaceful and regenerative community living. ​

Our Values


We value a deep connection with our Creator, the One source of all Being.

We value peace, justice and equity for all life on earth,  including the earth.

We value the diversity of life and seek to understand its purpose.

We value social cohesion and a sense of belonging.

We value cooperation and generosity.

We value ecologically sound industry.

We value wisdom and knowledge.

We value a sense and space of beauty.

Co-Founders - Cameron and Leah Kirrane

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An Omni Introduction

Vision of a New Normal

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Cameron and Leah Kirrane

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