Holistic Living, Learning and Healing

Our FOUNDATION is a common spiritual understanding:

I Am because we are: WE ARE ONE –


It is from this foundation that the entire enterprise stands. We cannot become a solid unit if we see ourselves as separate from the whole. Such is the plight of humanity. Few understand their part in the whole, and so they don’t operate according to their purpose. Our purpose is to be a model of how to operate as one, and to help and inspire others to do the same.

Our Vision

The Omni Foundation is a non-profit company set up to create and support the building of Soul Sanctuaries—holistic, self-sustaining and regenerative living, learning and healing centers, where the pillars of Awareness, Transparency, Responsibility and Cooperation uphold a framework encircling health of Spirit, Mind, Body, Family and Environment; and foster Community, Productivity, Education, Creativity, and Leisure.

Our Mission


To bring healing and wholeness to our world by living, sharing and teaching Spiritual, Sociological, Ecological and Economic principles of peaceful and regenerative community living. ​

Our Values


We value a deep connection with our Creator, the One source of all Being.

We value peace, justice and equity for all life on earth,  including the earth.

We value the diversity of life and seek to understand its purpose.

We value social cohesion and a sense of belonging.

We value cooperation and generosity.

We value ecologically sound industry.

We value wisdom and knowledge.

We value a sense and space of beauty.

Co-Founders - Cameron and Leah Kirrane

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Vision of a New Normal

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Hello Hello,

What's Up With Omni?

Today is June 6

May passed with a gust of motion and blew us into a hot Fresno Summer! We've been in the the States for just over three weeks now. Within those three weeks we have all been hit with a long-lingering flu that is making its rounds widespread. So, we haven't done as much as we hoped, so far. It's been a bit of sitting and waiting for all to get better so we can get on with our adventures. But here's what's been up with Omni this past month.

1) Immigration business:

After nearly 2-days stuck at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg, waiting for our flight to be re-scheduled, and receiving a stamp of "undesirable" to re-enter South Africa for 5-years because I never did get my extended visitor's visa, we were finally booked on a new airline--Etihad, as opposed to Saudi Arabia Airlines. It was a welcome switch to a new state-of-the art plane, and immigration customs handled in Abu Dhabi so Cameron didn't have to wade through customs in Los Angeles.

We got into the US on May 12. We had ten days from our arrival to submit an appeal to waive my undesirable status. This required a representation letter and a whole lot of documents to be sent to the Department of Home Affairs in SA. Not willing to simply click send and wait for a response, Cameron had to ensure the documents were received. Thank God for his persistence. It took several days of being up at midnight or 6 a.m. for 2-hour stretches at a time, trying to get a call through to little avail, but his tenacity finally paid off and we were able to confirm, correct and re-submit our appeal. We received word on May 31 that my "undesirable" status had been waived, and all restrictions were lifted effective immediately!


Now it is on to apply for my spousal visa. My physical is done and all clear, so next week we'll make our way down to the South African consulate in Los Angeles to submit my application.

2) Visiting Friends and Family!

Everybody loves Cameron!

I had no doubts. And he loves all of you! What more can I say? From my parents, siblings, son and daughter-in-law and grandsons, to my in-laws, and to all of my friends and neighbors in this community where we are staying (read more about it below) and beyond, everyone has been warm and very welcoming.

Cameron has offered his help and service with my dad on his front yard, with the Pauls in their yard, and with La Querencia community, He has left a mark of beauty. I can't wait to introduce him to more friends and family in the weeks ahead..

3) Community Research and Development: The Omni Foundation is based on our vision of community. So where we are right now is absolutely perfect. We are currently staying with my parents-in-law. Yes, you read that right; Henry and Eleanor Pauls are my late husband Jason's parents, and they have graciously opened their home for us to stay while in California. They live in a place called La Querencia (La Q for short) co-housing of Fresno. It is one of 130+ co-housing complexes in the US. You can visit their website here: also see http://www.cohousing.org/

While here, we're feeling the community/neighborly neighborhood atmosphere, reading about their start, talking to residents about their community experience and sharing our own vision. It's a good feeling to share with people who understand the desire and need for closer community living. Though our vision is more spiritually and communally focused, there is a lot of knowledge and understanding we are gaining by experiencing and participating in life here.

4) Sharing the message and vision:

June 1 Good times playing Art Hop at Cornerstone Coffee Co. in downtown Fresno. Most of my music conveys the message of Unity, Oneness and Love, it's all a part of Omni's offerings; and wherever I share the music, I share the a bit of the Omni vision. Some future meetings will afford more direct talk about Omni, but for now we just let the conversation flow where it will. It's all one.

Here I must put in a plug for my hometown of Fresno, California.

There is a different vibe to this town than when I left. It's cleaner, brighter, more peaceful and inviting than I've ever felt it to be. I feel very proud to call Fresno my hometown.

Keep up the goodness!

Next step, more visiting, vacationing, and sharing the message and mission--being Love and Light to all we meet, heeding the call and growing the dream.

Here's where we'll be in the next few weeks through to about July 3:

Sequoia Nation Park, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Arizona/Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Grass Valley, Sacramento/Woodland, Bay Area (Antioch, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Sunnyvale, Monterrey), Yosemite National Park, and back to Fresno for the Fourth of July. We will be camping, staying with friends and family or checking out other intentional communities along the way to continue our research (We especially want to visit self-sustaining and spiritually based communities). By the time we return my visa should have arrived.

On Friday July 14th we'll be hosting a going away/birthday bash/live music concert at Mia Cuppa Cafe in Fresno's Tower District. Much more info to come on that event.

So that's what's up with Omni.

Would you like to join our family? There are many ways that will be available to participate in this vision, whether living in community, volunteering, donating, investing, advertising your website in "My LIST Book," purchasing "Tale of a Runaway Toenail," hosting a living-room/campfire/anywhere concert... Think about it, pray about it, meditate on it. Listen to the leading of your heart.

Infinite Blessings to All!

Cameron and Leah Kirrane (Directors) The Omni Foundation (Registration no. 2017/109176/08) Graskop, Mpumalanga, South Africa Email: theomnifoundation@gmail.com

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