Holistic Living, Learning and Healing

Our FOUNDATION is a common spiritual understanding:

I Am because we are: WE ARE ONE –


It is from this foundation that the entire enterprise stands. We cannot become a solid unit if we see ourselves as separate from the whole. Such is the plight of humanity. Few understand their part in the whole, and so they don’t operate according to their purpose. Our purpose is to be a model of how to operate as one, and to help and inspire others to do the same.

Our Vision

The Omni Foundation is a non-profit company set up to create and support the building of Soul Sanctuaries—holistic, self-sustaining and regenerative living, learning and healing centers, where the pillars of Awareness, Transparency, Responsibility and Cooperation uphold a framework encircling health of Spirit, Mind, Body, Family and Environment; and foster Community, Productivity, Education, Creativity, and Leisure.

Our Mission


To bring healing and wholeness to our world by living, sharing and teaching Spiritual, Sociological, Ecological and Economic principles of peaceful and regenerative community living. ​

Our Values


We value a deep connection with our Creator, the One source of all Being.

We value peace, justice and equity for all life on earth,  including the earth.

We value the diversity of life and seek to understand its purpose.

We value social cohesion and a sense of belonging.

We value cooperation and generosity.

We value ecologically sound industry.

We value wisdom and knowledge.

We value a sense and space of beauty.

Co-Founders - Cameron and Leah Kirrane

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An Omni Introduction

Vision of a New Normal

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Greetings from Graskop, Mpumalanga!

In the northern hemisphere, August and September are the traditional back-to-school days. Not so here in South Africa. The long summer holiday is at Christmas time, and the new school year starts mid January. Perhaps we will eventually get into the groove of this seasonal shift, but for now, August has been a month of returning to the classroom, both for our children (whom we home school), and ourselves (we home school ourselves as well).

We are happy to report a tremendous start! The kids have taken to a semblance of routine, but more importantly, they are becoming responsible learners. By the last week of August they were waking up, tidying their room, and getting on with their academic work before we even got out of bed (that's 7:30 a.m., by the way). Their subjects are Devotions, during which time we read and discuss heart-of-life issues, like Love, Wisdom, Community, etc. We have some deep and vibrant

conversations to begin our day. We then go on to maths, reading, spelling, geography, science, social studies Afrikaans., and horse riding once per week. Plus there is a great learning channel they watch. Sometimes they're finished with school before 1:00 p.m.! When we first started, school would often drag painfully into late afternoon.

Now... or at least the past week or so, we (mom and dad) have had more time to study our own things. Our major subjects are in order of the day 1. Education: on the job training; 2. Spirituality/Metaphysics: currently reading The Law of One; 3. Community: enrolled in the uBuntu Keepers Academy online course; and 4. (For Leah) Music: learning guitar technique and reading music, while Cameron does his thing in the kitchen. (A little aside: Every night we feast on vegetarian meals where we get so full we can't eat another bite, but that taste so good we can't stop eating. That's Cameron in the kitchen. We've only, this week, decided we need to exercise more self control.).

At this point in my writing, I stop and take a wide-angle look at our life and realize how strange it may appear. Ours is not a normal way. We have been afforded the means to live simply and authentically, focusing all our intentions on the the health of mind, body and spirit of ourselves and our children so that we may be a greater light to the world.

You see, the Omni Foundation is about offering our children, ourselves and others, an option for a

new way of living life; a whole, simplistic, purposeful and peaceful way. A way, not of working FOR others, but working WITH others. Our vision and calling is to create Earth-friendly, self-sustaining, spiritual healing and retreat centers, called Soul Sanctuaries, run by intentional communities of like-minded individuals and families. The pillars of Oneness, Awareness, Transparency, Responsibility and Cooperation will uphold a framework encircling health of Spirit, Mind, Body and Environment, and foster Creativity, Productivity, Learning and Leisure.

Our Mission is to bring healing and

wholeness to humanity by living and sharing the message of Oneness and Spiritual Authenticity, and helping others do the same.

Our scope and aim are high and may seem lofty, but we earnestly believe we were brought together for just this purpose; we aren't hoping it will happen, but waiting and working eagerly for it. In the meantime, we have a lot of learning and growing to do before we can support the branches and fruit of such an undertaking. In fact, we're only now sprouting our roots.

Speaking of root sprouts, we would like to thank all those who have contributed to The Omni Foundation.

Our first month of fundraising has been yet another subject of our education.

One can only be disappointed when one has expectations. That being said, we are not fundraisers, by nature, and frankly, we don't enjoy asking for contributions to help build our dream. But that's the thing, this is not only OUR dream. It needs to be a collective work of energies flowing in from those who share the dream. So whether it is a donation offered, prayer said, or blessing breathed, we consider each good intention, as the brick and mortar that will build the walls of this foundation.

Another deep and wide PRAISE and THANK YOU to our Source of overwhelming provision--Providence! Within the next month we are expecting to receive a small inheritance that will enable us to purchase a vehicle! This is a HUGE step in our growth. We will begin actively searching for property on which to build the first Omni Foundation Soul Sanctuary. We feel the property will be somewhere nearby where we are now, in the province of Mpumalanga, and within the Drakensburg Mountain Range. Up until now we've only been able to view properties online. We've seen a few that spark our interest and could provide the ideal setting and structure for the vision. We will keep you posted on this progress.

Until then, while in the northern hemisphere the harvest is beginning to be reaped, in South Africa we are preparing the land for sowing. In the next month of What's Up With Omni, we will be scattering seeds of ideas toward your hearts and minds about the people needed to form the first Omni community. Think about it, pray about it, meditate on it. Listen to the leading of your heart.

Infinite Blessings to All!

Cameron and Leah Kirrane (Directors) The Omni Foundation, NPC. (Registration no. 2017/109176/08) PO Box 597, Graskop, 1270 Mpumalanga, South Africa Email: theomnifoundation@gmail.com

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