Change can be a frightening experience.

Being free from addiction is perhaps the most frightening change of all, because it requires a complete and revolutionary transformation of body, mind and spirit.

I’ve been through that change, and it has led me to this point in my life where I can look back on my journey, recollect the things I’ve learned along the way, and offer them to you as a gift of guidance and understanding.

This book is heavy in a light and uncomplicated way. Set on a backdrop of the beauty of my travels in the past five years of my life, including a solo hike—1000 km+ along the west coastline of South Africa, from Port Nolloth to Cape Agulhas—travels to the western United States, and the scenery of the Drakensburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga—it is a picturesque portrayal of some of the harder truths of life that we must all embrace: call them signposts that bring awareness of where you are, point you in the direction you need to go, or slap you in the face to wake you up. Each photo has a very special and profound meaning and memory for me, a journey that each of us take, sometimes lonely and overwhelming, but in hindsight, always beautiful. It gives me immense pleasure to share this part of me with you, as you learn and grow into someone truly magnificent, recognizing your truth, and embracing it for all it’s worth, as it sets you free.

The sentiments of this book are likely not original, as there are, really, no original thoughts (but for God’s creation), but they come from my own heart, experience, insight and inspiration. Each maxim, all 101 of them, is meant to awaken and enlighten you to a transformed way of thinking about life, yourself and all others. They are meant to lead you into an awareness of yourself, where you will find the answers you so desperately need. They are intended to penetrate, like an arrow, and find their mark in the deep, dark recesses of both mind and soul. They are meant to inspire you to fully accept yourself, your limitations and your difficulties, so you can start living the life you were destined to live.

Remember, your life will take off when you decide for it to take off; the choice is yours alone as we co-create our future. Get rid of the false ideas and misconceptions that have held you in bondage. Remember, that love never gives up, never loses faith, it is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Lift your desire higher and seek to know the real you, your God-given identity, for we are all different expressions of the One Infinite Creator.

And, please know that everything written in these pages is as much for me as it is for you, a constant reminder of who I choose to be and how I wish to be remembered.


Love and infinite blessings,

Uncle Cameron

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